Electrical Engineering Projects

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We are well familiar with mobile phone active detectors. The cell phone detectors are mostly hand and small-size mobile transmission signal detectors. It can observe the activated cell phone from a distance of one or half meters. That’s Why we can practice it to avoid using mobile phones in meetings, office time, examination halls, private rooms, etc.


  • This circuit can be used to indicate three levels of water in tanks.

  • When metal contact is reached ,each Led starts glowing .When the tank is full buzzer starts ringing along with this all LEDs are ON.


Siren may be a device that produces clap. they’re the means communication. Sirens will be seen in emergency vehicles like police cars, ambulances and fire engines. Generally, sirens are used as indication or warning. There are different circuits to supply different sirens.  Screaming siren lights are those which produces siren betting on the sunshine intensity falling on the circuit. we are able to also call it as Light Activated Alarm circuit.


You must have seen the Disco Lights or DJ lights, which Turn ON and OFF according to the beats of the music. These lights glow according to the length and pitch (volume) of music beats, basically these are designed to pick the high intensity sound like Bass sound. So these lights follow the high pitch beats in music like drum beats, and Turn ON and OFF according to music pattern.


Rain Alarm Project is a simple but very useful project that detects Rain (Rain Water) and automatically triggers an alarm or buzzer.


Brain Tumor Detection Project is related to medical field, it very important and useful.it helps doctor to detect the effected part of brain,and its easy to use.


The Object counting  is a MATLAB implementation.

MATLAB GUI that can be used to load images, annotate a few objects of interest. It can be used to identify specfic item from image e.g: Car of different color in the parking.


A matlab based GUI was developed to remove noise from images. The codes written for removing noise from images are successfully implemented and they give our desired result.